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The conflict resolution "industry" is focused on world peace, courts, and contract disputes. Our everyday fights and feuds have long been overlooked and trivialized.  Dr Elinor Robin is a Mediator and Mediation Trainer who is on a mission to change that. In her new book "10-Minute Mediation" she demystifies and translates the skills and tactics that professional mediators use. Elinor's easy-to-follow model is now accessible to anyone who is stepping-in and intervening when the fighting just doesn't stop or tensions are rising.    

The book will soon be available in audio and readable formats!!


Are your quarreling kids raising safety concerns or simply driving you crazy? Is your bottom-line plummeting as your staff bickers in front of the customers? Do you feel powerless at family get-togethers or BOD meetings that regularly turn toxic? 


Don't buy a bulletproof vest -yet!! Instead, become a 10-Minute Mediator and de-escalate the conflicts that surround you before they sabotage your sanity.

If you regularly watch the evening news you know that:


  • The pandemic and other recent economic, security, and technological shifts have created powder kegs of conflict in everyday life.

  • Much of the population remains frozen around conflict, unable to mature beyond fight or flight. And, without conflict savvy grown-ups in command, common conflicts can subtly eat away at close connections or erupt into devastation, violence, and tragedy.

BUT - Everyday fights and feuds can be managed before they become dangerous! 


Finally, the tools that professional mediators use are available to everyone!!

As a 10-Minute Mediator you will have an easy-to-follow model for stepping-in and interceding when those around you won’t stop fighting.

Who needs access to the mediator's skills?


  • Mental health professionals. Frequently, the therapist’s key task is to guide her clients through relationship and workplace conflicts.

  • Airline personnel. Airports and airplanes have become hotbeds of conflict and frustration.

  • The Police. Just watch the news!! This program can be a life saver to law enforcement and regulatory officers.

  • HR professionals. HR professionals, who are on the front line of workplace conflict, need to be able to manage workplace conflicts before they destroy productivity or lead to violence.

  •  Teachers. The school setting is full of conflict. Bullying is rampant. Educators, on the front line, need more than punitive discipline to keep the peace.

  • Family members. Conflict in nuclear families and extended families can destroy important bonds. 10-Minute Mediation can help you get the kids to stop fighting, manage in-law disputes, and more.

  • Community leaders. If your organization, community group, church, Home-owners or Condo Association, political group, Little League team, BOD, or business networking group is dealing with destructive conflict, this is the program for you.


Stay tuned!!


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10-Minute Mediation will soon be available in audio and readable formats. In the meantime, Elinor is available to speak to your group or organization so you can start decoding and dismantling the conflicts that are driving you crazy. Just call her at 954-415-5645


10-Minute Mediation is available as an online course - take a look at

Contact Elinor At (352) 575-8777 For More Information

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