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Do you want to create a Mediation Training business? Do you want the credential of Primary Mediation Trainer? For years hopeful Mediation Trainers lamented that mediation training in Florida was a closed shop. This unique program is designed to change that situation and open the training ranks to new faces who will revitalize and stimulate our profession.  Our Train-The-Mediation-Trainer Program prepares participants to create their own Florida Supreme Court Approved Mediation Training Programs and provides them with the practical training experiences participants need to become Florida Supreme Court Approved Primary Trainers in Circuit, Family, and/or County Mediation.  The program includes self-directed components as well as group collaboration. Each trainee is able to pace him/herself as s/he completes an individualized course of study.  The program covers 5 subject areas:

  • Manual/materials preparation

  • Marketing

  • Business Planning

  • Adult Education and Teaching Skills

  • Training Program Logistics


This program is for the select few who have what it takes to train others. If you have the experience and confidence to make it happen contact Elinor to discuss your possible next steps.

Call/Text Elinor at: (407) 515-5007

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