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Sharon O'Day, Esq

As a middle child, Sharon was born to be a peacemaker. After completing law school at George Washington University, Sharon worked with refugees in the Washington, DC area and then joined the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as a Protection Officer. She traveled around the world for eight years assisting refugees in high conflict areas find safe places to temporarily relocate. In 1999 Sharon resettled in Sarasota, Florida and in 2000 she became a member of the Florida Bar. Her practice focused on Family Law and Estate Planning for twelve years. However, practice in litigating family disputes gave rise to her desire to find more peaceful ways to help families resolve their conflicts. In 2006, Sharon became a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator. She has extensive training in elder and family mediation as well as negotiation and conflict resolution. Sharon is one of only 281 lawyers in Florida to be Board Certified in Family Law. Today, in addition to her mediation practice, Sharon works with families to resolve their disputes through Collaborative Practice.

She assists families going through difficult transitions such as divorce, dissolving a family business, or probate proceedings. Sharon regularly provides an annual case law review to the local family law community, and lectures for national organizations and at the annual Florida Dispute Resolution Center’s conference.


To learn more visit: 

Contact Sharon at or (941) 228 8571

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