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Michelle Heider, MDR

A born entrepreneur, Michelle has owned and managed her own business for most of her life.  Today, she brings a wide variety of professional experiences to her mediation process. Additionally, she recently completed a Masters in Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law’s Straus Institute.  Michelle is a Florida Supreme Court Certified County Court and Family Mediator, a member of the American Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, and a Board member of the Seventh Judicial Circuit’s County Court Mediation Services.


Michelle's undergraduate work was in Psychology and she has worked with many different types of behavioral needs in children. In 2010 she moved to Florida from Los Angeles and quickly became one of the most requested mediators in the Flagler County Courthouse. Michelle brings a compassionate and understanding approach to the mediation process. When you meet Michelle you will quickly see why we believe she has the ability to help resolve almost any type of dispute.

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Contact Michell at or (818) 613 2745

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