Divorce Coach Training

Are you a professional who wants to add Divorce (and/or Break-up) Coaching to your offerings?  

Our customized Divorce Coach program is for you!! This unique program is structured around individual strategy sessions and guided independent study. It was designed so that you can expand your skill-set, increase your expertise, and hit the ground running.  As you know, divorce is often the most significant transition of adult life. However, since most people only divorce once, they enter into the confusing divorce process with no experience. (Wearing blinders and on an emotional roller coaster.)

This is the time they need a coach the most! But, most professional coaches don’t have the inside scoop on how to best navigate the treacherous terrain of divorce.


At the end of this program you will: (1) understand how to guide your clients through every aspect of divorce – even confusing financial matters AND (2) have a marketing plan for marketing yourself to both the divorcing public and divorce attorneys, AND (3) be entitled to a permanent listing as a Certified Divorce Coach on The Divorce Coach Institute website (currently under construction). 

To learn more visit https://thedivorcecoachinstitute.com