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Deborah Beylus, CDFA

As the lead mediator with South Florida Mediation Services, Deborah provides divorce mediation services and financial support to couples with and without attorneys.  Her work as a mediator is focused on encouraging the navigation of transitions from the current circumstances towards the ideal ones. This goal is accomplished by her tapping what she has learned from her own and others’ life experiences.  Deborah's professional history includes over 30 years in the finance and banking industries. She is Certified as a Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, specializing in the financial and relationship matters that are unique to divorce.  She is Certified as a Divorce Financial Analysist by The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, and a Certified Divorce Coach.


Born and raised in New York, Deborah has lived in South Florida for over twenty years, spending much of this time working within the legal system. Deborah is able to quickly gauge the financial landscape of each case. She helps couples avoid long-term regret with the financial decisions they make during the divorce process. Her clients benefit from her ability to analyze financial data, develop budgets, manage financial expectations, explain both the short-term and long-term financial impact of divorce settlement options (including pensions), explore the tax implications of property division, explore spousal support options, and calculate child support.  


Deborah is currently serving as President of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, Inc. 


She can be reached at or 561-789-0710

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