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Continuing Mediator Education Workshops

Attend our upcoming CME Workshop.

This Workshop provides: 

  • 4 hours of CLEs for Florida Lawyers.

  • 4 hours of CEUs for Florida Licensed Mental Health Professionals.

  • 4 hours of CME for Certified Family, Circuit Civil, County, and Dependency Mediators.

  • 2 hours of Mediator Ethics, 1/2 hour of Diversity, 1 hours of Interpersonal Violence, and 1/2 hour of General CME.

  • An excellent networking opportunity from the comfort of your own home!


(Yes, you can double dip for both your professional license and mediation certification!!)

The Workshop meets virtually on Zoom from 9:30am to 1:30pm.

Sign-up Now or Call Elinor at (352) 575-8777 for more information.

"October 6th 2023 Workshop



"I received my certification training with Elinor many years ago.  It was the most fun I have ever had during an intense training. I come back to her every year for my continuing education because she makes learning fun and engaging and she is so knowledgeable! The best part is I can also count the CME hours towards my Social Work license."    Debra B. Futterman, LCSW  

Contact Elinor At (352) 575-8777 For More Information

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