The Florida Supreme Court's in-person training requirement for Mediation Certification Programs is currently suspended.  We are holding our Florida Supreme Court Mediation Certification Programs virtually - on Zoom -

until further notice. (See Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order 20-24.) 

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Workshops for Mental Health Professionals

Four Paths To Divorce


This workshop is presented virtually, on Zoom


Monday, Nov 2, 2020. 12-noon to 1pm. 


There is no charge for this workshop. Call/text Elinor to 954 415 5645 or email her at and she will hold your seat.   

Divorce is a significant transition of adult life. However, since most people only divorce once, they enter into the confusing divorce process with no experience, wearing blinders, and on an emotional roller coaster. This may be the time wo/men need a therapist most. But, many therapists don't have the knowledge necessary to help their clients navigate the treacherous terrain of divorce. Mental health professionals can best help their clients deal with the trauma and transition of divorce when they are aware of the wide range of divorce-related options and decisions a client needs to make and why a particular choice might be the best fit. Therapists attending this course will be better able to help their clients clarify their divorce strategies and expectations. This course covers (1) the Basics of the Legal/Financial Divorce and (2) the four paths to divorce (DIY, Mediation, Collaborative, and Atty-Driven). 

This workshop is presented by Elinor Robin, PhD, LMHC, LMFT.  Elinor is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Mediation Trainer who brings over 30 years of divorce-related research and practical experience to her work. Learn more at  

Student Testimonial 

"I attended Elinor's Family Mediation Training years ago.  Over the years I've gone back to her and attended her Continuing Education programs too. She has been an amazing inspiration to me, personally and professionally. Every time I attend one of her trainings I walk away with valuable new tools for my professional toolbox. I have no doubt that I am a better therapist thanks to Elinor." ......Carol Weiss, LMHC, Plantation, FL


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